Blonde hair

Turn heads after your next salon visit with the perfect shade of blonde

Have you ever found yourself wondering if blondes really do have more fun? Well, you are not alone.

A very popular conversation often had during colour appointments involves discussing different skin tones and how they can be matched with different shades of blonde.

When it comes to blonde hair colour, your colourist is the expert in creating a little dimension. From hand-painted blonde highlights to the ultimate platinum blonde, we will give you an insight into turning heads with your new blonde hue.

So if you find yourself dreaming of the perfect blonde hair to match your skin tone, look no further. Here is the ultimate blonde colour palette, ready for your next hair appointment.

Low maintenance colour makes getting blonde hair easy

When it comes to your hair, opting for a natural colour or shade may feel like a good starting point, especially if you are new to the world of colour. This is simply because it is the easiest to maintain whilst giving you that sun-kissed glow we all envy.

Your hairdresser may like to suggest a few highlights around the face or some subtle lighter ends (also known as blonde balayage) to introduce you to the idea of blonde hair. Leaving the roots natural will allow the colour to grow out softer with minimal regrowth.

Soft highlights around the face with lighter ends

A soft caramel or honey blonde can leave you feeling like you have just come back from a summer vacay on the shores of Croatia, which is totally achievable for darker hair leaving the hair healthy and shiny in the process.

Golden highlights on light brown or dark blonde hair can also help to frame the face and add some contrast, transforming your overall look.

Even with colour that is easy to maintain, it is important to still visit the salon to give your blonde hair some TLC between colour appointments. A simple treatment and haircut will tick all those self-care boxes whilst keeping your hair hydrated and healthy.

It’s time to redefine warm blondes

Warm tones don't need to be scary, in fact embracing a little bit of warmth or a soft blonde, as we like to call it, can do wonders for many skin tones when it comes to finding the right shades for our blonde clients.

To let you in on a bit of a secret, a nice honey blonde may actually last longer than a cooler shade and will leave your hair healthy and glossy if treated the right way.

A honey blonde may last longer than a cooler shade

A golden blonde can be bright and refreshing on the right skin tones and will be an excellent choice for women with light brown hair.

For those with naturally dark hair, embracing a warmer hue will allow your hairdresser to lighten the dark base slowly without giving you damaged hair. This is important when you are going from a darker shade to light blonde hair, as the hair needs time (and a whole lot of skill) to get there safely.

If you have natural red hair, the perfect tone of strawberry blonde is more than achievable. Not only will it blend beautifully but the golden blonde shade is sure to suit your skin tone.

Make a statement with Cool Tones

The dreamy shade of icy white blonde hair can be a truly magnificent sight to behold.

Whilst your colour may be considered high maintenance (it's not such a bad thing, trust us!), the beauty of the cool undertones is the ability to get that 'wow’ factor every time you leave the salon.

Who cares about being high maintenance when their creamy blonde hair is this perfect

We love creating platinum blonde hair and the beauty of white highlights as much as we love a good shadow root (which is a lot, by the way) so if you are wanting to take your darker roots to a lighter blonde, a full head of blonde highlights or a scalp bleach may be the answer.

And it isn't all about platinum and ashy blondes. When it comes to the cooler tones a nice creamy blonde on the ends may be more your vibe. A root smudge combined with blonde ombre hair can give you that stunning taste of bleached blonde without the commitment.

Not so simple speciality blonde shades

We have talked about warmer hues and a cool ashy blonde, but what about the shades in between?

This is where our colour experts like to get a little bit creative when it comes to blonde hair.

A champagne blonde is the ultimate infusion of creamy platinum and golden blonde (almost like that baby blonde we all want but can't have). When combined with a pixie cut, think Michelle Williams or Charlize Theron, it can be simple but stunning.

The perfect blend of platinum and golden blonde

The same goes with a sandy blonde or what some people refer to as a dirty blonde. For medium brown or naturally blonde hair, another low maintenance option is to steer away from the light blonde with a combination of blonde balayage and dark blonde highlights to give you the perfect dirty blonde.

Feel confident with blonde balayage

When it comes to blonde hair, we just can't forget the iconic colour trend of the century - blonde balayage.

Whether you're after a strawberry blonde, icy platinum or a subtle shade of honey, when it comes to maintaining your blonde hair there is always the possibility of keeping your dark roots and opting for a more natural blonde balayage.

Strawberry blonde never looked better

Using a mix of highlights and a shadow root, your colour technician can transform your long blonde hair into Insta-worthy locks.

And if you're not totally sure about the trend, you can find out everything you need to know about balayage here.

How to maintain your blonde hair

Looking after your platinum locks is essential when you decide to take the plunge and embrace your inner blonde.

You will need a curated selection of hair care products that your hairdresser can recommend for you.

And if you're not due to pay a visit to the salon quite yet, you can now buy your professional hair care online. Head to our online store to take a look at the beautiful range of luxurious hair care we have available.

Where to from here?

So if you are ready to discover the wonderful world of blonde hair, it is time to have a chat with one of our highly skilled blonde experts.

At è SALON we offer a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your hair goals and develop a plan of action.

Alternatively, if you're ready to take your blonde hair to the next level, head to our booking page to secure yourself an appointment today.

Your blonde hair journey awaits and just know that è SALON will be with you every step of the way.