Fine hair

Say goodbye to bad 'fine hair' days and hello to more volume!

Fine hair girls know just how hard it can be to get more body. It's the age-old battle of delicate strands versus fuller hair. And whilst some days it may seem impossible, your voluminous hair goals are definitely not out of reach.

If you have fine hair, you can enjoy the many benefits such as hair that is quick to dry and requires fewer styling products. However, with those perks comes hair that lacks natural volume and may often just fall flat.

So how do you get the best of both worlds?

At è SALON, we aren't afraid to defy gravity when it comes to fine hair types, so we are going to give you some of our best advice on how to achieve thicker-looking hair that you will feel confident and sexy in.

The right cut and style can help you achieve volume and texture

Fine hair vs thin hair. Is there a difference?

Have you ever wondered if your hair is thin or fine, or if they are just the same thing?

Well, you are not alone. Many people ask the same question so we thought we would take a second to break it down for you.

When we talk about fine hair, we are talking about the natural texture of your hair. So, what we are essentially looking at is the width or diameter of each individual strand.

Thin hair, on the other hand, is determined by the density of the hair on your head. This is the amount of hair strands that are growing in any particular area on your scalp. Have you ever had someone tell you that you have fine hair but loads of it? This is because you may have fine strands, but you have a whole lot of them, making it appear as if you have thicker hair.

Your hairstylist may not count every hair on your head because that would be near impossible, but they will look at certain areas such as the nape of the neck, crown and hairline to find out what type of hair you have (fine, medium or coarse) and the density (thin, medium or thick).

Now this is not the typical, you have 'fine thin hair' type of analysis. Quite simple, your hair growth may be different on different parts of your scalp. So while you may have thinning hair at the front, you could also have coarse thick hair at the back.

Hair is very complex. We know!

Hair products - do we love or loathe them?

Now, this is a tricky one.

For us, it is always love. We know that the right amount of the right products is essential when it's time to create volume in finer hair.

But we totally get it. The wrong products can do the complete opposite leaving fine hair feeling flat, heavy and dull.

So try and meet us on the middle ground while we explain why they are important.

It all starts with the right shampoo for fine hair and lightweight conditioner (or treatment). This sets the foundations for any styling you will choose to do and also creates a clean base for other products. Look for products that are designed to help give your hair natural body and stay away from products that have too much moisture, as they will weigh down the hair.

You don't need to be afraid of using products if they are the right ones

When it's time add product, there are a few options you can use on damp hair such as:

Once you have finished blow drying, you can use lightweight products for additional volume and texture (and make it feel like you have more hair) such as:

  • Dry shampoo - not only will it soak up any oils in the hair but it will also assist in creating ample volume
  • Volume powders - they give you that 'gritty feeling' but assist in creating volume
  • Hairspray - assists in holding hairstyles for fine hair in place

Even if you don't like to use too much product, to blow dry hair with volume, you will definitely need to consider at least using a form of heat protection to prevent any damage. Most products contain some level of protection, so don't stress about having to layer up too many products at the same time (unless you really want to!)

Our online store has a range of products suitable for fine hair or if you need more help finding the right one, contact us and we can assist in making a selection.

Styling products can help to hold style, protect the hair and add texture

The right cut helps with styling fine hair

There are many amazing haircuts for fine hair, the hardest part is choosing your favourite.

Your stylist will consider your face shape and facial features to help determine which one is right for you.

Short haircuts such as a pixie cut can be perfect for short fine hair as they are easy to style and often hold volume quite easily. A short bob is also a great option for fine straight hair as it won't be weighed down and can look simple but elegant.

When it comes to medium length hairstyles for fine hair, nothing beats a bob, lob or shag. There are so many ways to mix it up too, including:

  • The classic bob - a one-length cut to give a fuller effect
  • A sharp chin-length bob - professional and classy
  • An edgy shaggy bob - great for hair with natural waves or soft curls
  • A shiny sleek bob - the perfect look to take you from day to night
  • A rounded bob - every few years this style makes a comeback

When it comes to thin hair and long haircuts, there are a few things to keep in mind. Layers will help to give you some extra body, however too many layers can also reduce the amount of hair that you see on the ends, making it appear wispy and finer.

When you are considering layers, keep in mind:

  • Subtle layers (or some people may describe them as feathered layers) may help give some extra volume at the roots and blend softly into longer fine hair
  • Long layers will give a smaller amount of volume but will leave the hair feeling fuller on the ends
  • Choppy layers may sound like they give you a lot of volume and texture but they can be harder to style leaving the hair feeling as though it doesn't blend as well

With long hair, you can also try adding some long bangs for an instant hit of volume. Or switch to an off centre part, not only will it disguise thin hair but it will also maintain its volume for a lot longer.

Layers can help add volume where you want it

Choosing the right hairstyles for fine hair

Finer hair can be tricky to style. Sometimes it doesn't like to hold a curl and other times it will just fall flat.

When it comes to flat hair, the magic is in the way you prepare it. Your blow dryer will be your best friend, trust us!

Always blow-dry your wet hair with a round brush, to add height at the roots. When your hair is completely dry, blast it with some cold air on the roots to cool them down and set them into place. This will help you achieve maximum lift and also give you a good starting point for your next choice of styling.

For straighter hair types wanting a wavy hairstyle, you will need to use a curling iron, preferably one which has a temperature control so you don't overheat the hair. Take small sections, lifting the hair away from the scalp to give volume at the roots and creating waves throughout.

For curly hair wanting a straight hairstyle, you will need to use your flat iron to smooth out your wavy hair. Do this in small sections so that you only have to go over each section once. You don't want to over iron the hair as it could lead to damage or dryness.

If you have an event coming up and are worried about styling your hair for the big day, we have a range of styling services to get you red carpet ready in no time. Take the fuss out of getting ready and let us create the volume for you.

Fine hair that is red carpet ready

Make fine hair your best friend

Now we know that most fine hair girls want thick hair and vice versa. But let's just take a moment to appreciate the finer things in life (see what we did there?).

Fine hair is natural and completely normal. In fact, it's one of the most common types of hair we see in the salon. So if you are having trouble styling, choosing the right hair colour or maybe even considering some hair extensions, please get in touch with the è SALON team. We are ready to make your hair dreams come true.