Short hair

Thinking about a change? Combine femininity and style with the right short haircuts!

Ever thought about chopping all your hair off but changed your mind at the last minute?

You're not alone.

Many clients come to the salon with big ambitions to chop it all off, but get to the chair and opt for a trim.

So why is it so scary for some?

We are going to take you through everything you need to know about short hair and why you should never be afraid to change it up!

Short hair - how short is short?

What may be short hair to some, may be considered long hair to others.

When it comes to short hairstyles it really is a matter of personal opinion. Generally, anything chin-length or above is considered short. But it's not limited to that length and some people consider the definition of short hair to be anything above the shoulders.

Someone with longer hair, who has never had anything other, may consider a long bob to be short. So it really depends on the person wearing it and what they consider to be short.

Defining short hair and all its beauty

The most popular short haircuts explained

The good thing about short hair is that, depending on the haircut and hair texture, it can be low maintenance and easy to style.

Short haircuts and hairstyles don't need to be defined by a category but they can definitely make it easier to describe what you are looking for when discussing new styles with your stylist.

Some of the most popular short hairstyles and haircuts include:


A pixie haircut is a short women's haircut, which is typically shorter on the back and sides with a fringe of some sort. This is one of the most versatile styles for short hair which we will cover in the next section.

Short Bob

Most people consider a bob to be medium length but it depends on where it sits.

A short bob haircut can be just the style you are looking for when it comes to shorter hair, so we have put together an explanation of some of the different types:

  • Classic bob - if you have long hair and are wanting to try out something shorter, you may consider a classic bob which is stylish and sophisticated (but not too short)
  • Wavy bob - for those that have naturally curly hair or loose waves, a wavy bob will give you the extra length when straight or the short hairstyle you desire when curly (it really is the best of both worlds)
  • Angled bob - also known as an A-line bob, the angled bob features short hair around the nape of the neck, gradually increasing towards the face (think Victoria Beckham). It is a very stylish look which can easily be taken from the office to the party
  • Straight bob - you may have also heard the term blunt bob, both are referring to a one-length bob hairstyle
  • Messy bob - for those with a bob wanting their hair to appear shorter, they may choose a textured bob style to get some volume and movement, creating the illusion of shorter hair
  • Layered bob - layers can help to achieve a hairstyle with more volume and texture. Finer hair types or naturally straight hair may also benefit from the extra weight being removed from their bob to assist with easier styling
  • Pixie bob - a fusion of the bob and the pixie. Think precision cutting, bob and short hair combined. With strong lines accentuating facial features, a pixie bob could give you an edgy look with a hint of sophistication


Now, the shag is generally seen on those with long or medium hair, however, it can definitely be fused with shorter hair to create texture and enhance natural curls. The shag is one of those edgy haircuts, that just looks cool. So it can actually be an amazing short hairstyle if executed the right way.

Cropped curls

Curly hair can have a mind of its own, so it's important that it is cut the right way (you can find out more about curly hair types here). If you are considering short haircuts with naturally textured hair, you needn't be afraid. A good curl cream and the right short haircut can allow hair to fall naturally in the right places.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of pixie haircuts

It's easy to get caught up in the world of pixie cuts.

One of the most versatile short haircuts for women, the pixie style can be adapted to any face shape or hair type.

Here are a few pixie cut concepts that you may or may not have heard of:

Classic Pixie

A classic pixie cut is usually a mix of short back and sides, combined with a slightly longer front. This is a good introduction to edgier or creative short hairstyles and great for fine hair, as it can be easy to style.

Edgy Pixie

Like a classic pixie, this edgier style may include choppy bangs or bold lines to create a striking look. This look could work on thick hair or those with more of a creative hair colour.

Wavy Pixie

A textured pixie cut involves using natural texture or wavy hair to style the short haircut. Perfect for those who want to style their damp hair and leave it to dry naturally, as it will fall into place as it dries.

Long Pixie

This longer (but still short) style may be a bit softer for those wanting a pixie cut without the extreme lines. A combination of wispy bangs, soft hairlines and subtle layering can give the modern pixie a hint of feminist style.

Pixies, bobs and bangs!

Short hairstyles often feature a fringe, or what we prefer to call, bangs.

For thin hair, they can frame the face and make the hair appear fuller. For thick hair, they can help take away some of the bulk and allow the style to sit better.

Now we aren't talking about the types of bangs that you can see in your old family album. In this day and age, bangs can be cool, stylish, feminine and sexy.

Here are some popular styles of bangs:

  • Side swept bangs - a long sweeping fringe can frame the face and create shape
  • Long bangs - longer fringes with a slight bend can soften a short hairstyle
  • Blunt bangs - usually combined with a traditional bob or a short haircut with strong lines
  • Micro bangs - these can be a cute addition to an edgy style

Pixie meets bob: but make it edgy

Face shapes and short hair. Do they mix?

There are many people that think that the shape of their face prevents them from experimenting with short hairstyles.

But that is far from the truth.

The right haircut can be flattering on any face shape, whether long or short.

For those with a round face, the right elements can elongate and slim the face shape. Likewise, for those with a longer face, the right amount of width and volume in their style, can help to even out the length of the face.

It all comes down to balance, and our team of talented stylists can talk through the best styles for your face during a consultation.

Does a short haircut make you look younger?

Shorter hairstyles have no age limit.

Just like we shouldn't be defined by our hair colour, short haircuts for women can be designed to suit any age, face or hair type.

Even if you have natural grey hair, keeping your hair short is not going to make you look younger or older. The right style is about balancing shape and texture to define your look and create style.

Age is just a number, so if you feel more comfortable with a longer hairstyle that is totally fine. Neither will make you look anything other than what you feel inside. The key to age is being confident, comfortable and loving yourself, no matter the hair.

A combination of face shape, hair texture and style

How do I style short hair?

To style your new hair, you will need to have the right products on hand to ensure your low maintenance style doesn't become more than that.

Start with a good shampoo. If you have limp hair, you will need to use a voluminous shampoo designed to add body. Dry hair, however, will need a moisturising shampoo to hydrate the hair and make it easier to manage.

Follow with the right conditioner to make styling easier. You will need one that is designed to suit your hair, so whether it is a light conditioner or a nourishing treatment, be sure to choose one that is made for your type of hair.

Finally, you will need to have a few styling products to complete your hair care regime. Whether it's an everyday style or a red carpet look, you can find a range of products in our online store that are suited to short hairstyles.

Consider the products you will use before blow-drying such as heat protectants and leave-in conditioners. Also, think about the products you will need for texture such as sea salt sprays or texture creams. When finishing you may want to go with a lighter option such as a shine spray or nourishing oils, or perhaps something stronger such as a hairspray or even wax.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your products. If you need help finding the right selection, get in touch and one of our stylists can assist you.

How you style short hair can change the look completely

How can I make my short hair look good?

To make short hairstyles look good, you just need the confidence to wear them.

Book an appointment with one of our skilled stylists to discuss how short hair can work for you.

We promise, there is a style for everyone!