Curly hair

Join the curly hair revolution with hair that's ready for anything!

Curly-haired girls around the world are embracing their curl power and letting their naturally curly hair roam free as they put down the heat tools and embrace the bounce.

The curly girls out there know all too well how hard it is to get the perfect blend of frizz-free defined curls. And whilst their friends (with perfectly straight hair) hold onto a curling wand in hopes of a voluminous style, those with natural curls are forever trying to tame the mane.

But it doesn't have to be a battle of the frizz every time you leave the house.

At è SALON we have the best curly hair tips up our sleeves, so keep reading to find out some of our curly hair secrets that may just give you that extra little bounce in your step.

It all starts with a wide-tooth comb

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a head full of curls, you will know all too well how easy it is to get yourself in a bit of a tangle.

But a word to the wise, don't be tempted to pick up the hairbrush (don't even make eye contact!).

Instead, get your hands on the ultimate curly hair helper, something we like to call a wide-tooth comb. Trust us, it will be your new best friend.

When it's time to start combing your curls, start from the bottom as it allows you to gently detangle your hair curl-by-curl, rather than yanking and tearing your way through the natural texture.

Detangle gently to keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends. You don't want to go against the hair cuticle as it could disrupt the natural curl pattern, leaving you with what feels like too much hair to handle.

Ditch the brush to avoid frizz

Ace that curly hair care routine

If you want to prevent frizz and embrace your natural volume it's time to consider the products you use on your curls (and we don't mean that bottle of coconut oil in the pantry).

Use products to enhance natural curl

Starting with the shower, it is essential to have the right products for curly hair to ensure that it will stay healthy. Make sure your favourite conditioner serves a purpose when it comes to your natural hair type, rather than just smelling nice and matching the decor.

These days we are lucky to have an abundance of beautiful products for healthy curls so depending on your hair type (such as coarse or fine hair) you may want to invest in some hair care staples that your hairstylist approves of.

When thinking about cleansing options for curly hair you will need to use a product that doesn't completely strip your hair of its natural oils.

Curls need love, so consider products such as:

And if you want to take your curl game to the next level, consider the concept of a 'co wash', which involves ditching the shampoo altogether and going straight for lashings of curl hydration.

All you need is love and a curly hair cocktail

Once cleansed and treated, the key to styling curly hair types is to use the right combination of product and styling techniques to enhance your curl type.

Combine products and styling techniques

Here are some of our favourite options for curly hair:

  • Styling cream may help control loose curls and define texture
  • Curl cream is great on wet hair and can assist in enhancing tight curls without causing dry hair
  • Sea salt spray is great for adding body and oomph to finer hair textures
  • Styling gels can add shine and give maximum control to tighter curls
  • Heat protectants can help to protect the hair if using a curling iron to define your curl pattern
  • Dry shampoo can refresh your roots between washes

We know there is a lot to consider so if you're after the perfect cocktail of curly hair products, head to our online store to check out the range or get in touch to discuss your natural hair texture and how you can enhance it.

Minimal effort styling to up your curl game

Now there is no secret that at some point, you will need to dry your hair.

We aren’t suggesting that you blow-dry each day, however, we do recommend that while you have wet hair, you take a couple of minutes to create a bit of style.

If your hair is sopping wet, you can use a microfiber towel to gently remove some of the moisture. You can then use a curly cocktail of products to get that perfect rounded shape, leaving your curls to air dry naturally.

It is important to get regular trims to keep your curls in check. The more hair you have, the more manageable it will be. And if you want to take a walk on the wild side, we have two words for you - curly bangs!

Get onboard the hottest trend - curly bangs!

You can also change up curly hair with a bit of colour. Curly hair can look stunning with some blonde highlights to create a bit of texture and define curls. Or consider a balayage technique to frame the face and enhance your natural shape.

Did someone say 'second day curls'?

Have you ever noticed that your curls may sit better the next day?

If you have an event coming up and are considering going with a natural look, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase for the night. Not only will you wake up feeling like a goddess, but you will avoid frizz and have red carpet ready hair in an instant.

To dial it up a notch, add in a few bobby pins on the side and voila!

A silk pillow can prevent curl disruption

So whats next?

Curly-haired girls are definitely on our radar right now. And nothing feels more empowering than a woman setting her curls free and embracing the bounce.

Finding the right stylist is hard as you need someone with a whole lot of experience and a complete understanding of how curly hair, well you know, curls.

So if you are ready to evolve with your naturally curly mane, head to our booking page to be matched with a stylist capable of transforming, shaping and taming your natural curls (curly hair tips included, always!).